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Farmacy's History

Since 2000 Farmacy has had over 1000 volunteers, interns, students, work traders, apprentices and active community members who have given Farmacy the momentum it has needed to become a viable example of accessible holistic health care.

Our story

Our Farm

We cultivate and wildcraft our herbs on local farms and on our 5 acre farm in Southern Rhode Island. Our collection of herbal products and bulk herbs are sold at local stores and farmers markets. We sell these herbs at local farmers markets, stores, restaurants and in our own store.

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Herbal Philosophy

With a small sustainable alternative business model, we work to create accessible community health care and wellness through environmental awareness and holistic practices. We strive to share affordable, do-it-yourself methods of natural health-promoting practices.

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Our Store

We offer a large selection of bulk dried herbs, tea blends, herbal products, local honey, books and herbal products. Our store is open 5 days per week. Our hours are listed at the bottom of the page.

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Herbal Consultations

Consultations provide guidance on how to use herbs to support health.


Herbal Education at Farmacy Herbs


Level 1 students

Level 1

Rhode Island Herb Festival

level 2 students

Level 2

Community Class

Community Classes

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Herbal Internships

kid's program

Kid's Program

Herbal Foundations Training Manual

Written by Mary Blue

Herbal Activism

traditions not trademarks fire cider

Traditions Not Trademarksis a non-profit organization founded by Rosemary Gladstar working to protect common herbal terms from trademarks.

Radherb is a network of herbalists in the US who are working to incorporate health justice principles into herbalism.

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Herbal Aide

Herbal Aide  is a non-profit based organization founded by Mary Blue to document, inspire and fund grassroots herbal projects/businesses that are working towards creating positive, sustainable social change.

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