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Mary is the owner, founder (2006), and general manager of the Farmacy Herbs product company, bulk herb store, farm, teaching gardens and educational programs. Mary lives in West Greenwich on a farm with her son Herbie. Follow Mary on Instagram for funny, informative herbal videos. She has 50,000 followers and counting!

Healing Philosophy
Mary advocates for personal and planetary healing through herbs, nutrition and lifestyle. She focuses on using herbs to support health, not treat disease. Mary’s healing philosophy also revolves around community, activism, education, social justice, politically compassionate herbalism and  health justice.

Teaching Experience
Mary holds a teaching associate position at the Brown University Medical School, teaching Western Herbalism to the Integrative Resident Program. In 2006, Mary started developing the Herbal Foundations Certificate Program. She has run this program 2x per year since 2006, with over 500 students participating in the program. Her programs focus on herbal medicine,  health justice and nutritional healing. Since 2001, she has taught classes on herbalism and farming at local businesses,  hospitals, events, universities, high schools, nursing homes, elementary schools, conferences and to special interest groups and non profits. Since 2009 she has been a teacher at the New England Women’s Conference and The International Herb Symposium. Mary has been a guest speaker at the 2012 USDA Women in Agriculture Conference and the 2013 United Nations Council on Women.

Educational History
Over the last 15 years, Mary has focused on gleaning experience from herbalists in a professional and informal setting. From 1999-2002 she acquired three years of herbal experience and knowledge from Danielle Cavalacci at Indigo Herbals, an herb shop in Providence RI. In 2004, she started her career as a Community Herbalist at Seven Arrows Herb Farm and worked for four years under the tutelage of Judy and Michelle Marcelot, botany and medicinal plant experts. She was a student of many wonderful herbalists while attending Sage Mountains advanced program in 2006. Most of her experience as an herbalist comes from working directly with the the public. She has hosted numerous teachers, conferences, programs and classes focusing on anatomy/ physiology, nutritional healing and in depth herbal healing at Farmacy Herbs.

Community Work
In 2019, Mary and her codefendants won a president setting federal court case over a trademark on a common herbal term. See for details. In 2011/12, Mary edited and directed the documentary Herbal Aide featuring the work of many herbalists and community activists. Through Herbal Aide, she currently offers a grant program for herbalists working to create access to herbalism in their communities. In 2005/6 she volunteered in post Katrina New Orleans as an herbalist in the clinics, farmer in the gardens, and kitchen worker. She is a founding member of the following community groups: Providence Recycle-A- Bike, The Northeast Radical Healthcare Network, Radherb, Traditions Not Trademarks, Herbal Aide, Sage Healing Collaborative

She was awarded The Northeast Herbal Association Community Herbalist Award in 2008 for her dedication and commitment to the herbal community. In 2009 and 2015, Mary won first place at the International Herb Symposium for Farmacy Herbs products.Farmacy herbs was awarded “Best of Rhode Island” in 2009 from RI Monthly magazine, “Best in Providence” by the Providence Phoenix in 2010, and “Best of Rhode Island” in 2018 by RI Monthly Magazine.

Narcissa Segura, Medicine Maker, Kitchen and Staff Manager

Narcissa Segura started working at Farmacy Herbs in 2009. She now works as Farmacy’s medicine maker, kitchen, staff manager and business partner.

Narcissa was formally trained and graduated from the Farmacy Herbs certificate program in 2010. She then trained under beloved southwest herbalist JoAnn Sanchez for five years, making herbal medicine, tending to the herbal medicine gardens and helping to run Sanchez’s herbal diploma program at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. Narcissa found her way back to Farmacy Herbs in 2017 (Just couldn’t stay away!) and has been an integral part of the team ever since.

Narcissa’s fierce love for nature, phytochemistry and plant science has led her to become a sorceress in the art of herbal formulation. She can most often be found in the production room at Farmacy Herbs, making silly jokes and calculating solvency formulations.

When she’s not making medicine for the people of Providence, Narcissa maintains a busy shade tree mechanic practice, tending to farm equipment at Freedom Food Farm in Raynham, MA and working on old Japanese trucks and motorcycles at her workshop. Narcissa also has a deep love for the arts. She graduated from Arizona State University with a B.F.A. in photography and a B.F.A in mixed media in 2008 and has owned and operated Saltpeter Metals, a small metals jeweler business, for the past 8 years where she makes one of a kind pieces.

Narcissa has completed all levels of herbalist training offered at Farmacy.


Tammy Kim has been with Farmacy since 2017 when she moved to Rhode Island. She has lived all over the world but finds New England to be home now. She has studied herbalism, astrology, yoga for many years and is dedicated to helping people to find harmony and balance in their lives. Her current passion is making ceramic pieces for the herbal home.  You can follow her on Instagram

Tammy has completed all levels of herbalist training offered at Farmacy.


Erin Soule started at Farmacy Herbs in 2019. Erin is a passionate advocate in the healing power of herbs and empowering people to take a more active role in their healing journey. She hopes to uplift folks to explore modalities of health and healing that exist outside of the for-profit paradigm of conventional allopathic medicine.

She found her way to herbalism through working as a veterinary technician at a clinic that practiced both eastern and western plant medicine. After being introduced to alternative healing modalities, Erin felt a strong pull to immerse herself in herbalism. She has been studying plants for many years now, including having taken classes at Farmacy Herbs.

Erin also holds a degree in fine art, teaches yoga, practices reiki, reads tarot and gardens part time in the summer. She finds that working with plants affords her an outlet to marry both her creative and scientific interests. Erin has concentrated her herbal studies on recovery, grief, trauma, nervous system support and disease prevention.

Erin is a Pisces sun, Virgo moon and Gemini rising. She has a dog named Zola and 2 cats, Chaga and Mugwort. When not at Farmacy you can find her in the woods or at the beach. Erin has completed all levels of herbalist training offered at Farmacy.


Salina joined Farmacy Herbs at the height of the pandemic, where she felt it was her saving grace connecting with the herbs and community on Mary’s farm and shop! You’ll also find she enjoys taking on various roles. She has worked with families as a lactation counselor and community health worker. She currently attends school for business. Salina enjoys being involved in art related projects with her daughter. You can find Salina at the shop, the market, and running our social media. Salina has completed all levels of herbalist training offered at Farmacy.

Favorite herbs: Oatstraw, Peppermint, Mimosa


Iesha-(iy-Y-SHaa) is a Boston based herbalist and personal trainer. She is a mother of two boys, one teenager and a toddler, and owner and founder of Optimom Wellness, a small holistic business focused providing health education through herbal products like sea moss, yoni steams and medicinal herbal teas. Iesha is a natural food advocate, and advocates for individual healing for clients and her community. Through personal experience in the healthcare system and a serious medical scare, Iesha prioritized natural healing and lifestyle changes, and now shares what she has learned with her community. Iesha started at Farmacy in 2019, and has completed all levels of our herbalist training programs.


Pricilla is an entrepreneur, artist/creator, gardener and herbalist. Born and raised in Providence, RI.  She spent her first 9 years living in the Dominican Republic. She has a passion for uplifting her community through holistic healthcare and supporting local businesses & artists. She currently works as a fine gardener for a woman owned company. She also runs a small business, @GoodsByBlckRose, in which she makes handmade felt items, herbal infused skincare & curated tea blends. She works to share the knowledge she has learned on her personal journey of decolonization & reclaiming ancestral practices.