Current Events

Happening Now

Communi-TEA Time with Farmacy Herbalist Tammy Kim
Join Farmacy Herbalist Tammy Kim for tea and conversation weekly on Sunday mornings at our shop in Providence, RI! Every Sunday from 10am-12.

Farmacy Herbs’ Winter Solstice Fair
Join us at our shop in Providence, RI for holiday gifts, herbal classes, and herbal tea by the wood stove! Sunday December 18, 2022, 10am-4pm.

Community Workshop Series
Community workshops on diverse herbal topics are offered at our shop in Providence, RI from January to October! No pre-registration necessary. 2023 Classes TBA

Community Calendar

In addition to our ongoing herbal education programs and seasonal festivals, we vend at farmer’s markets in the community, and host a variety of community events at our shop in Providence, RI to make herbalism more accessible for all. Check out our calendar below for opportunities to connect with Farmacy, and join us for tea and herbal offerings!

Ongoing Education Programs

Our herbal education classes run multiple times, year-round, with in-person and online options!

Level 1: Herbal Foundations Certificate Program is currently in session, running one Saturday per month May-October and October-April. This is a hands-on training program in the how-to of Western Herbalism. Terminology, body system imbalances, Materia Medica of over 60 plants, and formulation of teas, infusions, tinctures, syrups, creams, salves, flower essences and more are included. Our online Level 1 course runs asynchronously and can be joined at any time!

Our Level 2: the Practicing Herbalist’s Path is also in session, running one Sunday per month, May-October and November-April. This class expands the herbal student’s understanding of anatomy/physiology and pathology/disease of a system, addresses commonly used chemical constituents and synergistic formulas, explores health justice principles, cultural competency, and how these apply to herbalism, and addresses herbs for specific populations.

Available during the summer on Farmacy Herbs’ farm, our Adult Herbal Summer Camp and Lil’ Sprouts Day Camp also run yearly, and are accepting registrations.

Read more about herbal education offerings, give us a call, or reach out over email with any questions!