Level 2 Program

Our classes are organized with social justice and health justice principles in mind. We strive to make the space safe,  comfortable and accessible for everyone who is interested in learning about herbalism. We request that all teachers and participants treat each other with respect regardless of gender, class, race/culture, religion, immigration status, political views, age, mental ability and appearance. 

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Practicing Herbalists Path

The Level 2 Practicing Herbalist Path is a 1 year program taken in 2 sessions.
~6 Month Lecture Series
~6 Month "Put it into Practice" Series

Each session runs:
1 Sunday per month for 6 months
The next program begins November 2022

Upcoming session dates:
2022- November 6,  December 4
2023- January 8, February 5, March 5, April 2


  • Students must sign up for the sessions individually and be present at all classes (barring health emergencies).
  • To receive a Level 2 Certificate, students must complete both sessions (1 year-lecture series + "Put it into Practice" program).
  • Students may use internship/ work trade hours for payment. All hours must be completed before the program begins.

Lecture Series Details

This class:

  • Expands the herbal students understanding of anatomy/physiology and pathology/disease of a system.
  • Draws from the experience of our amazing teaching staff: Dr. Jody Noe, Mira Silverman, Angel Putney Noe, and Mary Blue and more!
  • Addresses commonly used chemical constituents and synergistic formulas
  • Explores health justice principles, cultural competency and how they apply to herbalism
  • Explores herbal traditions from cultures around the world and cultural competency/ health justice principles.
  • Addresses herbs for specific populations.
  • We offer a Level 2 Certificate of Completion when students finish the level 2 winter and summer programs (1 year program) 100-hour program.

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“Put it Into Practice” Series Details

In this class:

  • We cover the foundations of clinical herbalism: paperwork/ follow ups, legal matters, contraindications, herbal constituents and custom formulations.
  • The program is taught by Tammy Kim and Mary Blue
  • We practice consultations in a group form with clients using a critical thinking formula for choosing herbs based on actions and body systems.
  • You practice consultations in a one-on -one setting with friends or family.
  • We offer a Level 2 Certificate of Completion when students finish the both level 2 programs (winter and summer programs: 1 year commitment.


Lecture Series Price
$1000- Full Price
$750 for Herbal Foundations graduates
0$- Scholarship recipients + work trade interns
We do accept payment plans. Email farmacyherbinfo@gmail.com to request a payment plan

Put it into Practice Price
Only graduates of the Lecture series are edible to register for this series. 
$1000 for non- Farmacy students.
$750 for Herbal Foundations graduates
0$- Scholarship recipients + work trade interns


Dinalyn Spears 2016-2018
I have recently completed Level I and II of the Herbal Foundation Program at Farmacy Herbs.  It took me many years to decide to decide to enroll in a formal herbal course.  I have been studying medicinal plants for many years on my own.  As a Native American, I have been studying and cataloging the medicinal and edible plants utilized by my Tribe for many years.  Completing the Farmacy Herbs course allowed me to integrate traditional Native American Knowledge with herbalism practices from around the world  -- providing me with a holistic look at herbal treatments for a multitude of acute and chronic conditions to promote health and wellbeing.  Creator led me to Farmacy Herbs.  I was awed by thoroughness and depth the course provided, and I will build on this information to provide my people with holistic health and reintroduce the use of medicinal medicines.  Mother Earth protects us all, it is now time to utilize her teachings to protect our health for the next 7 generations.

Shea Cadrin, Level 2, 2018
Farmacy’s Level 2 classes are an eye-opening educational experience that takes you one step closer to becoming a community herbalist. Mary does a wonderful job of sharing her knowledge about the ins and outs of herbal consultations as well as bringing in guest teachers from diverse backgrounds to broaden our field of knowledge. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone looking to take their herbal practice a step further.