Current Events

Communi-TEA time with Tammy Kim, every Sunday from 10am-12
Join herbalist Tammy Kim for tea on Sunday mornings at our shop in Providence!

All classes take place at 28 Cemetery Street, Providence from 11am-1pm. No pre-registration necessary.
June 26- Ed Burr- Urban Edible Forest Gardening- Small scale forest gardening for the urban gardener with Ed Burr
July 10- Mimi Budnick- “Herbal Support in Times of Grief”
July 24- Iesha Martinez- “Yoni Steaming Womb Healing”
August 7- Bonnie Kavanagh- “Spice it up”
August 28- Mira Silverman- “Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis”
September 17- RI Herb Festival- Location TBA
October 16- Tina Lidano- “Native Medicinal Plants and Pollinators”

Class Descriptions
July 10- Mimi Budnick- “Herbal Support in Times of Grief”
We are living through challenging times, and there are plenty of signs around that it is only going to get worse in the years to come. Tough times aren’t new for far too many of us, and disproportionately impact BIPOC communities and folks living at the margins of society. We are living through an ongoing pandemic and the resulting isolation from friends, family and community that sustains us. Added to that we are on a fast track towards the brink of climate catastrophe, and witnessing/experiencing a rise in hatred and violence fueled by white nationalist and xenophobic ideology. Wading through this mess, day after day, for a prolonged period of time takes a toll on our health and wellbeing. Herbs won’t mend a broken heart or erase the pain of this world, but they can be valuable forms of support that can provide you with the resilience and fortitude to face the world with the courage that these times demand.
In this workshop we’ll talk about ways we can lean on our herbal allies to help soften the edges of our anger and grief, as well as some rituals and practices that we can integrate into our lives to both honor and acknowledge our pain and move through it.

July 24- Iesha Martinez-“Yoni Steaming Womb Healing”– This is an introductory class on the benefits of Yoni Steaming as a healing practice. We will touch upon the history of steaming, the different types of womb detox, and why it’s coming back into popularity today. We will identify the best herbs to formulate an herbal steam blend and its benefits. You will also learn how to steam at home.
August 7th- Bonnie Kavanagh- “Spice it Up”- A class for all levels of herbal enthusiasts that focuses on the medicinal value of everyday culinary spices. An A to Z tour of a typical kitchen spice cabinet with recipes freely shared. Blend a culinary medicinal spice rub to bring home with you.

August 28th- Mira Silverman-“Intro to Medicinal Cannabis”.

October 16th- Tina Lidano- Native medicinal plants and pollinators
This class explores which pollinators need which plants and how to think about creating habitat for 4 seasons.

Ongoing Educational Programs

6 month Herbal Foundations Certificate Program starting every May and November
In person and online programs available!

1 Saturday per month May- October or October-April.
This is a hands on level one training program in the how to of Western Herbalism. Terminology, body system imbalances, Materia Medica of over 60 plants. Teas, infusions, tinctures, syrups, creams, salves, flower essences and more!

Farmacy Summer Camps
Lil' Sprouts Day Camp

Accepting registrations now.
Give us a call at 401-270-5223
or email us at


Practicing Herbalists Path 
The Level 2 Summer Program runs from May -October, 1  Sunday per month. 
The Level 2 Winter Program runs from November- April, 1 Sunday per month.
Students can sign up for one class, or sign up for all of them! 

This class:
-Expands the herbal students understanding of anatomy/physiology and pathology/disease of a system.
-Addresses commonly used chemical constituents and synergistic formulas
-Explores health justice principles, cultural compentency and how they apply to herbalism- Explores herbal traditions from cultures around the world
-Addresses herbs for specific populations