Our festival is organized with social justice and health justice principles in mind. We strive to make the space safe,  comfortable and accessible for everyone who is interested in learning about herbalism. We request that all teachers and participants treat each other with respect regardless of gender, class, race/culture, religion, immigration status, political views, age, mental ability and appearance. 

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Saturday July 21 Schedule

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Registration- Herbal tea on tap! Register, drink tea and wander the farm! 

Herbal Labyrinth Building with Jenn Nino

Morning Stretches with Herbie-Join Herbie as he leads us on a few basic stretches to limber us up for the day! 



Raising Natural Children with Herbs and Nutrition with Martine Delonnay, ND

Dr. Delonnay will offer recommendations for a simple natural foods diet for mothers and children, and specifics on the healing powers of herbs to treat common ailments and prevent illness and disease. She speaks from her position of complete success as a naturopathic doctor and in carrying and raising her four healthy children naturally. Learn about herbs and foods to support the immune system, the digestive system and the nervous system to promote healthy sleep, digestion and immunity in children. 

Plant ID, Healing the Land, Healing You with Ed Burr

Ed will share his expertise on how to cultivate medicinal herbs that relieve simple ailments and complaints, but he will also share about how a good medicinal garden often contains some species that are planted to help heal the earth. Healing plants don't just heal us! Join Ed to discover the relationship these plants have with the land and how they heal the earth as well as us. 

Summer Mushrooms of Rhode Island
with The Mushroom Hunting Foundation with Ryan Bouchard and Emily Schmidt

If you learn the rules of mushroom science and safety, you can enjoy cooking many varieties of wild mushrooms whose flavors are so delicious and different, you'll find it hard to believe--and they provide great health benefits too. This class focuses on the Ocean State's summer-season mushrooms, especially those species considered "safe for beginners" because they are easy to identify.

Herbal Party Flavors with Jessyloo Rodrigues

Herbal medicine teaches us that flavors can tell us a lot about how plants work in our bodies. Join Jessyloo as she leads us in an herbal taste experience! She will cover the medicinal uses of the herbs that we are tasting, and how to incorporate them in to fun recipes! 


Featured Speaker

Author, Naturopathic Oncologist, Cherokee Medicine Woman, DJ, Musician, Organic Farmer and an amazing teacher, Jody Noe, will give the featured lecture for this years RI Herb Festival. 

Join Jody as she welcomes the herbal community together and inspires us, brings us to laughter and tears, and brings us hope for healing the planet and ourselves.



Ethobotany for Social Justice: Decolonizing the Stories of Herbal Medicine with Claudia Ford, PhD

At the core of herbalists’ struggles to be inclusive in their practices, and embrace health and medical justice challenges, are the various ways that the histories and herstories of medicine and herbalism have glorified and exalted an oppressive colonization of plants and people, while erasing and destroying the lived, traditional knowledge of indigenous communities. Many herbalists are called to do transformative work within our communities. We strive to understand and represent our relationships with the plant world, but struggle to understand and collaborate with diverse ways of being in human society. This workshop will provide an opportunity to review, discuss, and reflect on the task of unlearning, learning, decolonizing and reclaiming the stories of herbal medicine.

The Spirit of Tea Blending with Brook Kelly
Join Brooke in learning how to connect with herbs on a spiritual level, as well as how to blend them for a delicious and medicinal cup of tea. Learn which herbs help to disguise bitter, earthy tastes while still allowing you to get all the medicinal benefits you need! In addition, we will also discuss which herbs are used for common ailments and which herbs can help transport, or direct, the healing properties to where they need to go in the body.
Kitchen Witch with Jennifer Nino of Jenzas Garden
The kitchen can be a place of true awakening for the senses and spirit, as well as deep nourishment for the body. Kitchen herbalism is quickly becoming one of the most accessible and empowering ways to care for your health, and the health of your family.  This class will introduce beginners to making herbal medicine with the herbs they already are familiar with from their kitchens. We will talk about the medicinal use of herbs found in most kitchens.
Simple Teas, honeys, vinegars & oils will be discussed.
Herbal & Nutritional Answers for Lyme’s Disease and Co-Infections with Marnie Thamel
Join Marnie as she discusses herbs to use  for supportive therapy during Lyme’s and its Co-infections. She will discuss how to understand and support the Herxiemer reaction, and cover herbals and nutritional for supporting detoxification.  She will also discuss herbals for immune support, neurological support and  joint support. 

12:15-1:15 Lunch Break- Bring your own lunch! 

Lunch Break Activities: 

A Poetic Herbarium

Poet Karina Lutz will perform a series of poems about herbs, each of which include a description as if out of a plant ID key and a story involving that plant. Attendees will be invited to draft or speak poems of their own. 

Collective Knowledge Plant Walk on the Farm

Join us for a lunch time ramble around the farm! This will be a participant led plant walk- Share what you know with the group! 


Bees, Honey & The Apiary Apothecary with Molly Hagan
Class description: Join a buzzing discussion about bees, honey, and medicinal hive products. Molly will share her knowledge of bees around the world, kinds of honey, and how to use bee based products in an herbal apothecary. Discover the healthful uses of honey, propolis, beeswax, royal jelly, bee pollen, and even bee venom. All of this will be shared in the context of environmental sustainability and in consideration of wild bees.


The Nurses Garden with Bonnie Kavanagh

 For centuries nurses turned to the plants for helping to heal those in their care. From the time many nurses are licensed,  it is drilled into them that only doctors “diagnose, treat or prescribe ”.  There is a whole toolkit of herbs for nurses to use!!   Come learn what plants nurses often chose and why, and how to put them into practice. Bonnie will cover herbs for first aid, long term care and support and herbs for common ailments. 

Wild Plants: Super Nutrition Under Your Feet with Karen Talbot

What is the most local, sustainable, and nutritious food on the planet? Weeds! Karen will show you how to make every-day meals more nutritious and exotically delicious with “weeds” that grow right under your feet. Samples of food and drink as well as recipes will be available for the adventurous!

The Great Lymphatic System with Gary and Valerie English

 How we lost our energy, and how to rebuild it again. The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body. Join Valerie and Gary English as they explore the many functions of the lympatic system and how to support it naturally. 

Elixers, Tonics and the Art of Formulation with Angel Putney- Noe

The Word "Elixir" has roots in the practice of alchemy; it was used in the Middle Ages as the word for a substance believed able to alter base metals into gold. Today, it is often used generally for anything thought capable of remedying all ills or difficulties, be they physical or otherwise, and they usually taste GREAT! Join Angel in tasting her favorite elixers, tonics and tinctures! She will describe the effects of the herbs on the body, the origin of the tastes and how she formulates such great tasting herbal remedies! 


Spiritual Herbalism- Rumi, Sufism and Herbs with Sakinah Abdur-Rasheed

According to Sufi legend, the Prophet Sulaymãn was the first to learn the healing properties of flowers and herbs while he was at prayer one day, and a flower sprang up and greeted him. Sulaymãn returned the greeting and asked the flower what it wanted. It replied that it was a healer. Sulaymãn noted this and, seeing his interest, other flowers grew around him and told him their healing secrets too, until he knew the cure for all diseases.  Join Sakinah as she explores the history and culture of Sufi Herbalism. She will share her experiences as an herbalist  practicing this deeply spiritual cultural practice of herbalism. 

Guided Mushroom Hunting with the Mushroom Foundation- Ryan Bouchard and Emily Schmidt

~Limited Space- pre-register for this class for by calling 401-270-5223
~This class goes until 5:15

Come with us while we seek out, photograph, and collect mushrooms in the wild. We'll discuss cleaning, transporting, and cooking mushrooms...and of course, the most important step: identifying them. Learn firsthand how mushroom hunting is actually done!

Building your Home Apothecary with Anna Fox

Herbal medicine involves the use of plants to treat injuries or illnesses, historically these remedies are often applied at home.   Anna will discuss herbs for common ailments, first aid, and basic home preparations to stock your herbal cabinet, so when the time comes, you can have what you need to be prepared to deal with whatever comes up for you and your family. She will cover easy to use, easy to make and effective treatments for you to keep on hand in your medicine cabinet. 

Plant Walk with Bonnie Kavanagh and Ed Burr

Join Bonnie of Seven Arrows and her pal Ed, for a ramble around the medicinal herb fields. Discover the uses of cultivated plants and wild plants growing on the farm. Ed and Bonnie together will bring you experience-based recipes and preparation techniques for edible plants with their practical experience-based medicinal knowledge based on traditional herbal knowledge, modern herbal practice and scientific research.



Sustainable Wildcrafting with Maggie Hatzpanian 

Join Maggie in  discussing many of our New England wild medicinal plants. Learn to ID them, know their habitats, their growing habits, and how to sustainably harvest them for personal medicinal use. We will also discuss the impact of commercial wildcrafting, as well as the impacts that human population growth and urban sprawl are having on our wild medicinal plants.

 Making Syrupy Medicine with Rachel Playe of Radia Herbs

Herbal syrups are simple to make and are a delicious way to incorporate plant medicine into the rhythm of your day. In this class Rachel will cover immune boosting anti-viral syrups,  nourishing nervine syrups, and a blood building syrup, an adaptogen syrup. Lots of sweet syrups to sample as well!  

Herbs and Other Tools for Health Self-Empowerment with Mira Silverman, RN.

In this age when health conditions are often chronic and multi-faceted in nature it is becoming increasing ineffective to hand over the management of our healthcare to our doctors. More and more people are beginning to do their own research and choose from an abundance of strategies available to take their health into their own hands. This class will be a discussion of tools for empowered health both in the doctor's office and at home.

Herbal Olympics!

Join the Farmacy Intern team as they guide you on a fun filled hands on herbal olympic game!! 

Tincture Tasting
Harvesting Race
3 Legged Race
and more! 



Join us for a community dinner! 


Evening Activities

Herbal Charades
Herbal Jeopardy
Campfire and fun! 

Sunday July 22 Schedule

Breakfast- 7:30pm-9pm

9am-12pm- Sunday Workshop

Overcoming Community Trauma with Claudia Ford PhD.

Join Claudia as she leads the group in exercises to address and heal community trauma and wounds. Through poems, stories and group exercises, and meditations, Claudia will leave us feeling inspired and  connected to each other and the earth.  

12pm-1pm- Clean up, pack up and head home!