Herbal Activism

Herbal Aide

Herbal Aide is a non-profit based organization founded by Mary Blue to document, inspire and fund grassroots herbal projects/businesses that are working towards creating positive, sustainable social change.

The Herbal Aide Documentary was produced and filmed in 2012. Herbalists featured in the video: Rosemary Gladstar, Sandra Lory, Corey Pine Shane, Leah Wolf, Mary Blue, Betzy Bancroft, Guido Mase, Larken Bunce and Lauren Giambrone.

Check out the hour long Herbal Aide Documentary online.

Herbal Aide also gives out yearly grant's to community herbalists doing the following type of work: Free Herbal Clinics, Herbal Disaster Relief and Herbal Health Center Funding.

Contact us for an application for the 2016 grant.

Check out our past grantees on the Herbal Aide Blog.

Traditions Not Trademarks

TNT is a grassroots group led by herbalist Rosemary Gladstar. Farmacy herbalist Mary Blue has worked with Rosemary to fight to keep common herbal terms generic.

Currently there is a legal battle going on. Mary Blue and two other defendants, Nicole Telkes and Kathi Langelier are being sued by this company due to "damages" and "trademark infringement".

Find out more info on the Traditions Not Trademark website.