Herbal Residency Program

Our classes and programs are organized with social justice and health justice principles in mind. We strive to make the space safe,  comfortable and accessible for everyone who is interested in learning about herbalism. We request that all teachers and participants treat each other with respect regardless of gender, class, race/culture, religion, immigration status, political views, age, mental ability and appearance. 

This Herbal Residency program prepares herbal students for work as practicing clinical herbalists or community herbalists.

Through this herbal residency at the Sage Collaborative Healing Clinic, an integrative mixed modality clinic, herbalists will learn to:

  • Conduct herbal consultations in a clinical setting and during our mobile clinic serving the homeless population. 
  • Confer and collaborate with licensed health care practitioners working in the clinic.
  • Support the health of clients dealing with complicated health issues and become adept at addressing common health concerns.

We welcome students from all over the country to sign up for the whole year-long program, or as a drop in student (signing up for just one at a time). 

Participants in the program will:

  • Observe practicing herbalists conduct consultations on complex health conditions.
  • Participate in the herbal walk-in clinic, addressing everyday health concerns with herbs.
  • Help doctors and medical students formulate individual herbal protocols for their patients.
  • Bottle and blend formulas for integrative practitioners in the clinic.
  • Learn how to keep clinical paperwork and conduct follow up interviews with clients.
  • Receive a Clinical Herbalist Certificate from Farmacy Herbs.

Participants must:

  • Have a deep understanding of western herbal actions and how to apply them.
  • Have a basic understanding of anatomy/ physiology from a formal college or herb school.
  • Have 3-5 years of intensive herbal study.
  • Have good job and herbal references.
  • Must be on time and organized.
  • Must be able to present themselves in a professional manner in a clinical setting.
  • Be able to take inventories of herbs and products.
  • Have experience and training with Health Justice principles
  • Have a good sense of humor, or at least laugh at Mary’s jokes (just kidding).
  • Be fluent in Structure and Function language and  herbal regulations.


The curriculum of the Herbal Education and Training program at Farmacy Herbs is the foundation of this program.   
The curriculum of level 2 programs at Farmacy Herbs,  “Put it Into Practice Program” & “The Summer Intensive” develops the students’ critical thinking and clinical skills, while examining more complex health conditions, chemical constituents, anatomy,  and health justice principles.
The Farmacy Herbs “Practicing Herbalist Path” program is also a part of the foundations of this course giving students hands on medicinal herb growing experience and a deeper relationship with the plants.  

Students must have completed all of these programs or equivalent programs to be eligible for admission to Farmacy’s Herbal Residency Program.

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  • Total cost of whole program: $1500.00. Drop in students: $180 per month.
    (work trade is available for current Farmacy students/ we do accept payment plans
  • Applications are accepted at all times of the year.
  • The Herbal Residency Program takes place at The Sage Clinic in East Providence, RI-1 Monday per month, 9am-3pm for 12 months. 
  • Students can apply and begin program at any point during the year (unless the program is full, then students will have to wait for a space to open.) 
  • The Herbal Residency Program is 100 hours of clinical time. 

About the teachers:
Mary Blue, Clincal Herbalist, is the owner and founder of Farmacy Herbs.
She teaches Farmacy’s Herbal Education and Training Program, Put it Into Practice Program, Farmacy’s Health Justice Programs, the Summer Internship and is a practitioner and co- founder of  the Sage Healing Collaborative Clinic. Mary has been practicing as a clinical herbalist since 2006. Mary teaches herbalism and health justice all over the country at conferences, colleges and special events.
Mary has completed her herbal book, “Herbal Foundations” and a documentary called, “Herbal Aide”.   She is a founding member of Herbal Aide and Tradition Not Trademarks.

John McGonigle, MD, is the co-founder of the Sage Healing Collaborative and the most popular doctor in RI! John will act as an advisor for diagnostics, pharmaceutical contraindications and clinical support. 

Herbal Residency Dates


Anna Fox, Residency 2016
"Completing the Residency program at the Sage Healing Collaborative was an invaluable experience for me in integrative clinical herbalism. I had the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from herbalists, Doctors, and other holistic practitioners and refine my ability to work with and connect with clients. I highly recommend the program for people interested in clinical herbalism and integrative care."

Lynn Golan, Resident 2018
"Farmacy’s Herbal Residency program has been such an incredible opportunity for me to gain first hand experience and develop a clinical practice. It has been both wonderfully humbling and wildly empowering to work with people and the plants to encourage health and wellness. Working within the diverse community of healers that weave through Farmacy and Sage Healing Collaborative is so nourishing and educational, especially the opportunity to sit with and learn from Dr. John McGonigle and Mary Blue. I’m thankful for the opportunity to gain experience and begin my clinical career under Farmacy’s guidance."

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