Mary Blue


Mary Blue

Mary Blue has been teaching the Herbal Education and Training Programs since 2006. She is well versed in herbal terminology, chemical constituents, scientific names, body systems, plant growing and harvesting and herbal product production. Mary's classes are a blend of lecture time, homework time, "dose it" time and jokes.

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Dr. Jody Noe

Dr. Noe is a Naturopathic Oncologist and a Cherokee Medicine Woman. She runs a practice in Pawcatuck, Ct.

Jody's classes at Farmacy are always a blend of well researched science, stories, physiology, nutritional healing and herbs. Dr. Noe believes that nature acts in a powerful and profound manner through mental, spiritual, and physical mechanisms to restore balance and health. In a healthy person, balance is usually quickly restored, but when the healing capacity of a person is compromised, help in healing is needed. She use natural, effective, and non-toxic therapies to support the body's natural healing process, stimulate the body's vital force, and prevent further disease from occurring. She shares these therapies in our level 2 programs.



Dr. John McGonigle
Dr. John McGonigle is a Family Medicine doctor who uses both conventional and holistic strategies for treating illness and enhancing well-being.  The basis of health is five-fold: Finding and nourishing the sense of meaning and purpose in life; the cultivation of healthy, loving relationships; good sleep and an accessible dream life; physical activity and joy; a dynamic and balanced diet. John teaches these theories and shares stories of healing with his students at Farmacy. He also teaches aspects of physiology and anatomy to our herbal students.



Dr. Marcy Feibelman, ND

Dr. Marcy is our on site Naturopathic doctor and one of our faculty teachers. Dr. Marcy acts as a community advisor for our Level 2 Winter Program and teaches anatomy for our Level 2 Summer Program.


Our visiting teachers include:

Guido Mase, Larken Bunce, Dori Midnight, Kay Parent, Margi Flint, Leah Wolfe, Deb Soule, Nicole Telkes, CoreyPine Shane, Traci Picard,  Betzy Bancroft, Lauren Giambrone, Jessical Ferrol and Marcy Feibelman.

These teachers hold hundreds of years of herbal experience that they openly share in our classroom.