Sixth Annual RI Herb Festival-2020


Early Bird Registration through April 15th!

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Whole Weekend
3pm Friday- 12pm Sunday 

~This pass includes dinner Friday & Saturday, lunch Saturday and breakfast Sunday
~This pass comes with lodging in lakeside cabins with other participants (camping available too!)
~Fridays intensives run from 3pm-6pm-Intensive topics TBA March 10, 2020

Adult Day pass
2-9pm Friday, September 25

Register for either
Guido Masés Intensive on Global Pandemics
OR Suznanna Stones Womens Circle.
Class descriptions here

Adult Day pass
9am-9pm Saturday 

~Classes and entertaiment all day Saturday, September 26, 2020, 9am-9pm
~no food or lodging

Whole Weekend Pass
Kids Under 12

~This pass includes dinner Friday & Saturday, lunch Saturday and breakfast Sunday
~Friday kids camp run from 3pm-6pm-Intensive topics TBA March 10, 2020

Kids under 12
Saturday Day Pass

~This pass includes kids program 9 am-5 pm Saturday, September 26, 2020
~Kids under 5 must participate with parents

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September 25, 26 & 27, 2020

The RI Herb Festival is growing!  

We have a new site at beautiful Camp Aldersgate in Scituate, Rhode Island!

This year will be offering 3 days of classes, entertaimenet, meals and lodging in beautiful lakeside cabins!

Full class schedule TBA March 30, 2020!




Amazing local teachers and speakers! 

2020 teachers include:
Guido Masé, Dr. Jody Noe, Suzanna Stone, Angel Putney- Noe, Mary Blue, Anna Fox and more!! 

Click here to view 2018 teacher bios and info! 

2019 Teachers are listed below!

2019 schedule

SESSION one : 9am-10:15 am  

Classroom 1

Plant Allies through Flower Essences with Jennifer Phillips Join Jennifer of Jenza’s Garden for a Flower Essence 101 Class. What are they? How do you use them? It will also include meditation time while trying different Flower Essences.

Classroom 2

Essential Oils for Alleviating Stress with Lesley Wooler

Sit, relax, breathe deep and enjoy the natural stress relieving benefits of these aromatic oils. Methods of application will be covered and a handout will be provided.

Classroom 3

Backyard Herbs for Babies & Toddlers with Jessyloo Rodrigues

Backyard Herbs for Babies & Toddlers: Learn about plants that love growing in Rhode Island that are safe and useful for your tiny human. We'll go in-depth on a handful of herbs with multiple uses for classic babyhood dramas like teething & tantrums. I'll provide the resources I've drawn from.


SESSION two: 10:30am-11:45am

Classroom 1

Digestive/ Pelvic Health with Rebecca LaRose, LMT

Holistic digestive & pelvic health with Rebecca LaRose, Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy
This class focuses on the root cause of imbalance in the abdomen and dives into self care strategies for many common digestive and pelvic health related issues with the use of herbs, pelvic steam baths, castor oil packs.

Classroom 2

Materia Medica of the Cannabis Plant with Mira Silverman

This class will look at the botany, medicinal uses, preparation and dosage considerations of this medicinal herb. We will look at the body's endogenous cannabinoid system and mechanisms of action in the body as well as address issues regarding CBD versus THC and different strains of the plant.

Classroom 3

Naturopathic Skin Approach: with Martine Delonnay ND

Common chronic and acute skin issues, their root cause and naturopathic approach. We would address physiopthology and treatment with certain modalities.

Weed Walk! Walking and talking about the weeds! With Ed Burr

Weed Walk *Meet by the garden gates


SESSION three: 12pm-1pm

Classroom 1

Adaptogenic Herbs with Lesley Wooler

Stress is a daily factor in everyone's life these days and there are herbs that we can use to help to maintain balance. Types of herbs and methods of use will be covered in this introductory class.

Classroom 2

Cooking with herbs; Let Food Be Your Medicine with Sakinah Abdur-Rasheed

Cooking with herbs; let food be your medicine. Learn how to use herbs in your everyday cooking.

Classroom 3

Herbal First Aid plant walk with Anna Fox

Join Anna as she discusses herbal remedies for first aid scenarios


~30 min Lunch Break~


SESSION four: 1:30pm-2:45pm

Classroom 1

Womens Health and Herbal Support with Angel Noe 

Angel will discuss herbal formulas for supporting cis womens health.

Classroom 2

“Everything I wish I knew about herbalism when I started my herbal journey” with Mary Blue

Classroom 3

Growing Native Woodland Medicinals with Ed Burr

Learn strategies and techniques to grow native woodland medicinals. Focusing on environment enhancing skills to assist the growth of native plants and trees including threatened and endangered species.


SESSION five 3pm-4:15pm

Classroom 1

The Body Electric With Gary Parent

We all know how, live foods, liquids, and herbs help the body heal itself, but did you know that breath is also a very important part of the healing process the body needs to regenerate is full infinite power potential when it comes to helping the body heal itself.

That is what the body electric is all about, sharing an ancient form of breathing that engages our electrical system, even the parts of the body that are unable to fire electrically at this time for some people. This simple technique is helping people regain their health all over the world and I and honored to share this amazing technique with you so we can all grow and help our bodies stay healthy, strong and fit throughout our lives.

Classroom 2

Regenerative Herbalism with Anna Fox

We will discuss ways to be a conscious steward of medicinal plants and how to create a positive impact when growing, sourcing, and using them. We will use the ethics and principles of Permaculture as a lense for how we can ally with medicinal plants! The discussion will include a brief introduction to Permaculture.


SESSION six: 4:30pm-5:30pm

Classroom 1

Beyond Tea: Sprites, Spritzers & Mocktails with Angel Noé

Learn some fun ways to mix and match herbal extracts to make a variety of drinks. We wil discus shrubs, oxymels & spritzers. This will be a hands on taster class!

Classroom 2

Intentional Vibrational Eating with D’Andre Quinerly

This class will focus on the power of intention, the alchemy of transforming/transmuting energy using thought, and what that could mean for us as we feed our bodies. This will be an interactive session.