Herbal Foundations Online

Herbal Foundations Online Program Includes:

  • 5 sections of in-depth herbal study with Mary Blue
  • Unlimited access to video instruction and notes
  • Certificate of Herbal Education Level 1 when all five sections are completed
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Section 1

Class 1:
Tricks of the herbal trade: record keeping & storage
Plant Signatures
Binomial Nomenclature
Cultural, spiritual and political aspects of herbalism

Class 2: 
Plant Constituents to know
Herbal Energetics
Herbal Regulations

Class 3:
Herbal Actions 101- An overview of over 30 herbal actions and correlating herbs

Class 4:
Herbal Extraction 101
Food as Medicine

Section 2

Class 1
~Water Based Extractions-Infusions and Decoctions
~Herbal Action-Tonic

Class 2
~Integumentary System (skin)
~Oil based extractions: Infused Oils, Salves, Carrier Oils, Essential Oils, Volatile Oils

Class 3
~Tincture Making
Glycerin, Alcohol, and Vinegar

Class 4
~Herbal Actions;
Adaptogens, Cholagogues, Hepatics
~Endocrine system overview

Section 3 

Class 1
~Herbal Syrups
~Herbal Actions; Anodynes & Analgesics, Vulneraries, Astringents, Emollients, Styptics

Class 2
Digestive System overview
Herbal Actions; Carminatives, Demulcents, Ant-acids, Bitters

Class 3
~Immune System overview
~Herbal Actions; Immune Modulators/ Stimulators, Lymphatics

Class 4
~Nervous System overview

Section 4

Class 1
~External applications of herbs; Poultices, compresses, soaks and linaments

Class 2
~Herbal Actions and correlating herbs; Anti-microbial, Anti-inflammatory, anti-catarrhal

Class 3
~Herbal Actions; Diaphoretic/ Febrifuge, Diuretics, Emetics, Laxatives

Class 4
~Herbal Actions; Emmenagogues

Section 5

Class 1
~Herbal First Aid

Class 2
~Herbal Actions-Expectorants & Pectorals

Class 3
~5 Commandments of Herbal Contraindications

Class 4
~The Many Paths of the Herbalist; Which direction to go?

Final Conclusion
~Overview Herbal Foundations Program