Pricing/ Work Trade/ Scholarships

One of the core principles....

at Farmacy Herbs is accessibility to herbs and herbal education. We offer sliding scale prices for our classes and scholarships and work trade through our internship program.

About our Scholarships
We are committed to diversity and accessibility within our herbal programs. We aim to make our programs as accessible as possible to everyone. We offer scholarships, in some cases because the student can't afford it, but in other cases because we want to support any demographics that have been historically marginalized, oppressed or denied access to education, health care and herbalism. Many folks who receive scholarships can afford our programs, but we choose to offer it as a scholarship to create accessibility within our programs, and demonstrate our commitment to welcoming diverse students into our programs.

We will be accepting scholarship applications for our 2022 programs in January of 2022.

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NOTE: Scholarships for our in person programs are for Rhode Island residents only.

What is Sliding Scale?
A sliding scale is a tool for ensuring equal accessibility to Farmacy programs, regardless of financial resources, and it requires active participation. If a sliding scale is implemented effectively, everyone pays a similar percentage of their income for the same services.
This way, the cost is not fleeting pocket change for some people and a big commitment to other people. Sliding scales are  based on individual income levels. Our sliding scale system is based on the honor system. We do not need to see any tax returns when you sign up for a class or receive and herbal consultation. This scale has been used successfully for Farmacy Programs since we opened our doors in 2008. We accept payment plans and accept credit cards for all programs.

What is Work Trade?
We use work trade as a tool for mutual participation and education within our programs. We need hands to help us grow the herbs and make the medicine, and we trade intern hours for class time.Our work trade program works as a time bank. All intern hours must be completed before they can be applied as payment for a program.

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