Care About Cancer

Care About Cancer Herbal Consultation Program

Please note: Care About Cancer is purely educational, focusing on referrals to holistic cancer practitioners, and complimentary herbal support to low income cancer patients. WE DO NOT TREAT CANCER. This program provides information and referrals for people looking to complement their medical treatment.

Our dear friend Jessica Gill passed away of cancer on January 10, 2008 at the age of 33.  One of her last wishes was to ask her community to donate to Farmacy Herbs, in place of flowers during her memorial. This gift from Jessica gave us enough money to build our health and education center. Jessica's giving spirit is behind our business. In honor of Jessica, we offer herbal consultations, referrals, and resources to low-income cancer patients. To participate in a Care About Cancer herbal consultation:

  • Complete paperwork: Consent and Disclosure Form and Health Questionnaire
  • Book a video call to receive your herbal formula (½ hour call with Mary Blue or one of her trained herbalists). The herbalist will go over your personalized formula, and make natural health recommendations for health support
  • Procure your herbal formula from Farmacy Herbs or your local herbalist


Book a Care About Cancer Consultation

We are currently booking Care About Cancer consultations via teleconference. Please reach out to us via email to schedule.


An herbal consultation is an in-depth interview focusing on health history and health patterns. During the consultation, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical patterns will be considered to formulate personalized herbal recommendations for each client. At the end of each consultation, clients will be provided with a recommended herbal protocol.


Herbal protocols offered as part of our herbal consultations include recommendations for a daily tea, tincture, nutritional/lifestyle changes, and, if needed, a topical herbal formula. An herbal protocol can last anywhere from 1 month-2 years. Our herbalists often recommend a tonic blend to support health and prevent disease after balance is achieved. Our recommendations are based on a client’s particular health needs, protocol compliance, herb availability and extraction methods.

Follow Up

It is your responsibility to book a follow-up. The first follow-up is done by phone 2-3 weeks after the initial consult. Depending on the particular client, an in-person follow up will be scheduled for 1 month after the consultation. Clients are encouraged to contact us if the need arises. Many clients see our herbalists for years, recommending herbal formulas for any health needs that might come up.

Payment Options

Care About Cancer Eligibility

Our Care About Cancer program supports cancer patients that make under $20,000 a year in accessing herbal support and holistic based information, including herbal consultations. For these patients, herbal consultations are free.

Herbal Consultations

If you do not qualify in the Care About Cancer income bracket, you can book a regular consultation for health support. Farmacy Herb’s herbal consultations cost $150.00, and payment is due in advance of scheduling.


Consultations Policy: Farmacy herbal consultations are not intended to replace medical care. Herbal consultations are educational, and are not intended to treat disease, but support health.

Accessibility Policies: Care About Cancer herbal consultations are complimentary for cancer patients making under $20,000 per year and currently take place over a Zoom teleconference call. The cost of herbs is not included in the consultation price. The price of herbs ranges from $70 – $100 for one month of herbs.

Cancellation Policy: you must cancel herbal consultations within 24 hours by emailing us or calling us at (401) 270-5223.